Epilepsy Seizure Detection System


The epilepsies are one of the most common serious brain disorders, it can occur at all ages, and have many possible presentations and causes. It afflicts 2.4 million new cases each year globally which result arround 116,000 deaths yearly. Where we never know when the next seizure will strike. So the patient could lose consciousness while swimming, or driving a car.


Developing an intelligent motion monitoring system for wearables to record alpha waves and track the patient continuously, while at rest, sleeping or enjoying the daily activities. Monitoring the movement to recognize the patterns of repetitive shaking and jerking movements, similar to those associated with tonic-clonic or grand mal seizures and alert the caregivers if the signs aren’t normal so they can take the necessary action. Also adding a handy directions assistant for the situations in the smartphone application. This project created to reduce the risk of the epilepsy and improve the researches and treatments of this disease.